The Stuart Brannon Novels — Book 5

Will Stuart Brannon Lose His Beloved Ranch to the Casa Verde Land Corporation?

At long last Stuart Brannon hits the homeward trail to his Arizona ranch. But if he has hopes to settle down to the quiet life of a cattleman, he has miscalculated. Much of what he holds dear is in terrible peril.

Riding into his spread, he finds it occupied by gunmen sent by the Casa Verde Land Corporation, which claims to hold a Spanish land grant on his property. Enraged, Brannon drives off the intruders.

Before the gunmen return with reinforcements, some of Brannon’s friends and neighbors descend on the ranch. The party includes a small contingent of soldiers tracking down a band of Apaches, and Miss Harriet Reed, who is finding the Triple-B’s owner increasingly attractive. When the gunmen return with a cannon, Brannon and his friends hunker down to defend the ranch.

Written in the tradition of Zane Grey, Luke Short, and Louis L’Amour, Standoff at Sunrise Creek recreates the tumultuous old West where good battles evil.