Far in the future, the five colonized systems have finally been freed of the curse of religion. By mandating tolerance across all colonies, no one can bring religious persecution upon anyone else.

Things have been this way for a generation. Long enough for most of those living to have never known a Torah, Koran, or New Testament, except in stories.

And the Kesek secret police work hard to keep it so.

So what happens when a bitter teenage discovers a holy book that has been earmarked for destruction? What happens when it begins speaking to him.

And now that Kesek is coming for him and his father and anyone else who gets in his way, what is he going to do with this troublesome book?

The Word Reclaimed is epic space opera amidst civil war, treachery, and  political alliances as sifting as Martian sand.

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About The Author

Steve Rzasa is the author of several novels, including space operas, steampunk tales, and an SF murder mystery. His debut novel, The Word Reclaimed, was a finalist for the American Christian Fiction Writers award for Best Speculative Fiction in 2010. His third novel, Broken Sight, won this award in 2012. His story "In the Bag," set in the world of his steampunk novels, won the 2012 flash fiction contest for the Denver Chapter of ACFW.

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