The historic Copper Mill Coin is stolen, and Kate sets out to prove her good friend isn’t the culprit but is telling the truth.

Digging up secrets can be dangerous. When Kate Hanlon discovers that the Copper Mill Coin, a valuable and cherished memento from the town’s historic mining days has been stolen, she’s alarmed to learn that her dear friend, Skip, is the prime suspect. Kate resolves to prove Skip’s innocence, although his recent nervousness and strange disappearances are making it rather difficult to do. What is he up to? Could it be possible he’s actually involved? Meanwhile, the disappearance of her husband Paul’s personal coin collection raises even more questions. As Kate searches for answers, she is reminded that sometimes the truth is found where you least expect it.

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About The Author

Sunni lives with her husband on a small ranch in the great inland Northwest. Sunni pursues her love of writing and reading, keeps busy with church activities and as treasurer of Faith, Hope & Love, an inspirational writers group affiliated with Romance Writers of America. She loves to entertain her four granddaughters and their moms when they visit with fancy tea parties.

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