Justine Proof is sure she is being stalked. As an Investigative Reporter for KMPR Television, she already has a suspicious mind. But she’s not dreaming up the eerie shadows or the bizarre happenings suddenly invading her life. Strange events such as having her purse stolen, the sabotage of her tires, or the midnight blare of her security alarm. And are the strange notes being left on her desk the work of a diabolical mind—or a romantic one?

Patrick can’t believe he heard a woman plan a murder into her tape recorder. And not just any woman – cute and sassy Justine Proof, a woman he’s been scraping up the courage to meet since the first day she ordered a raspberry latte in his coffee shop, the Right Cup. God must certainly be on his side, because in a providential twist, Patrick is there to help Justine fix her flat tire. When she asks him out to thank him for his kindness, the romance he’s longed for ignites.

Justine has finally found someone she’d like to trust — someone who has suddenly become more than just an early morning ray of sunshine in her life. But her suspicious mind stands between her and true love. She’s about to learn that trust is a choice, and that only God can help her make it.