Emily Gray returns to the lakeside community of Baxter, Maine, expecting a peaceful week in her family’s island cottage. Instead, she and her high school crush, Nate Holman, discover the body of Henry Derbin, an elderly island resident.

Amid rekindling her old friendship with Nate and trying to make sense of the murder, Emily shares her faith with an old schoolmate. When a second body turns up, the cottagers on Grand Cat Island are frightened and baffled.

Is this why Mr. Derbin forbade everyone from going on his land? Can Emily and Nate overcome past hindrances to their romance long enough to dig up clues that will help solve both murders?

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About The Author

While waiting for her two cats to start contributing to the household income, Megan Elaine Davis writes from a small peninsula while wrapped in a purple blanket. Born and raised in Maine, she moved from New England to Old Blighty in 2007 after marrying an Englishman. Susan Page Davis is a native of central Maine and grew up on a small farm. She and her husband Jim have recently moved to western Kentucky.

Books by Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis