Emily Gray has accepted a job working for the Baxter Journal and plans a feature story on Lakeview Lodge. Owner Jeff Lewis tells her and Nate Holman a mysterious legend about a hidden treasure and murder. Now the hunting lodge is plagued by an intruder who thumps around in the night. Nate and Emily try to help their friend discover who’s invading the resort.

Things turn more sinister over the Christmas holidays, when one of Jeff’s employees is murdered, and Jeff is a suspect. Is the legend of an old lumber baron’s lost treasure behind the crimes? Jeff’s faith is shaky, and his family rejects him. Nate and Emily try to help him through the crisis. In the midst of the turmoil, Nate graduates from the Police Academy and proposes to Emily. Their life together begins with unmasking the murderer at Lakeview Lodge.

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About The Author

While waiting for her two cats to start contributing to the household income, Megan Elaine Davis writes from a small peninsula while wrapped in a purple blanket. Born and raised in Maine, she moved from New England to Old Blighty in 2007 after marrying an Englishman. Susan Page Davis is a native of central Maine and grew up on a small farm. She and her husband Jim have recently moved to western Kentucky.

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