In the late 1860s, Colorado Territory is an untamed land. But nestled within its mountains is a town sustained by Fountain Creek, where three romances blossom….


Kathryn and Larson Jennings made a vow–for better or for worse. Their marriage hasn’t turned out as either hoped, but ten years later they are still clinging to that promise. When her huband fails to return to their ranch one stormy winter night, Kathryn struggles to keep the ranch operating, but her efforts are blocked at every turn.


After her husband dies, Annabelle Grayson advertises for a guide, and a most unlikely candidate, Matthew Taylor, agrees to accompany her to land waiting in Idaho. They have been given the opportunity to right a grievous wrong, but bitter memories threaten to turn them away from this God-given second chance.

When Veronique Girard arrives from France to find the man who has held her heart since childhood, her European ways both charm and irate the townspeople of Willow Springs. After many starts and stops, she finds Jack Brennan to be a reluctant though honorable ally in her dangerous search through Colorado’s ramshackle mining towns.