In the shadow of Wall Street’s wealth, homeless people with names like Squid, Saw, and Bonehead live in abandoned buildings known as “squats” where life is hand-to-mouth, where fear and violence fester. The light in Squid’s obsessive-compulsive mind’s eye is Rachel, a loving soup kitchen missionary who tells him about faith and unfaith, hypocrisy and justice, the character of God and finding identity in Him. And in the wild twenty-four-hour passage of literary time that is Squat, Squid begins to believe that his life may actually amount to something.

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About The Author

Dr. Taylor Field works together with his wife, Susan Field, and he has served as the pastor director of Graffiti Community Ministries in New York City for the last 25 years. Taylor has a PhD from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and an MDiv from Princeton Seminary. He has two married children who are both working in ministry in New York City.

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"We live in a squat. We don't know squat. We don't have squat. We don't do squat. We don't give a squat. People say we're not worth squat."