Three-year-old twins Kara and Lizzie Holbrooke live a
charmed life with their widowed but doting father, Jack. When Jack
finds love and marries again, it seems all their lives will finally be
“happy ever after.” That new life shatters when Jack and his wealthy
parents are killed in a plane crash. Jack’s new wife, Amanda, inherits
the family’s estate but fails to gain custody of the twins.

but bound by her covenant to care for the girls, Amanda manages the
estate, hopeful she’ll be able to return it to Kara and Lizzie one day.
Meanwhile, the twins grow up in an abysmal home environment with
distant family members and become hard-drinking, shoplifting,
promiscuous teenagers.

After years of trying to reach them, Amanda
is finally able to offer them love, comfort, wealth — the life they have
always wanted. But when all you’ve known is deprivation, how can you
believe a gift of grace? When you’ve been lied to for so long, how can
you ever know the truth?