Ten years ago, devastated by an ugly scandal, Brooke Martin fled the
small town of Hayden to pursue a career as a stained glass artist. Now
Brooke has returned on business to discover that some things never
change. Her spotted reputation remains. Tongues still wag, and that
makes what should be her dream assignment tough. Brooke has been hired
to design new stained glass windows at Hayden Bible Church. The job is a
career windfall, but Nick Marcello is overseeing the project. Some
in the church think Nick and Brooke’s relationship is not entirely
professional — and as before, there is no convincing those people
otherwise. In the face of mounting rumors, the two set out to produce
the masterpiece Nick has conceived: a brilliant set of windows
displaying God’s covenants in the Bible. For Brooke, it’s more than a
project — it’s a journey toward faith. But opposition is heating up. A
vicious battle of words and will is about to tax Brooke’s commitment to
the limit. Only this time, she’s determined not to run.