A violent criminal with a knack for evading justice. A beautiful victim
with a secret to hide. Between them stands one good cop, torn between
justice and the law. This rape case is an exception: The victim is more
than willing to testify. And there’s abundant evidence to put the
suspect behind bars. Just one thing bothers Detective Larry Millsaps:
Melissa Nelson seems to know almost too much about
the evidence needed to convict her attacker. The unfolding
investigation unearths a brutal track record on the part of the suspect … and a stunning revelation of Melissa’s own haunting past that could
do far worse than destroy her credibility. Caught in a deadly conflict
between the ironies of the law and the demands of his Christian
convictions, Millsaps finds himself protecting Melissa from a
psychopathic stalker’s lethal game of cat-and-mouse … even as
evidence collects that could send to prison not an inhuman criminal, but
the woman Millsaps has come to love.