A dark shadow of fear has fallen over sunny Newpointe, Louisiana.

Two of the town firemen’s wives has been murdered, a
third has barely escaped an attempt on her life, and what at first
seemed incredible appears to be only too true: a serial killer is
stalking this sleepy little community near the Mississippi border.
For fireman Mark Branning, the murders are a dash of icy water, waking him
up to how much he really cares about his own wife, Allie. Their bad
marriage had faded into an uneasy separation. Now, with a madman on the
loose, Allie’s life could be in danger — and marital problems or not,
Mark is determined to protect her. A terrifying encounter makes it clear that
Allie is at the top of the killer’s list. Her life could end violently
at the hands of a cunning and relentless psychopath … unless Mark
and Allie can find out who the criminal is and bring that person to

Mark and Allie must resolve their differences, trusting God in a way they
never have before, or suffer lethal consequences … and they don’t
have much time to make the choice.