Enter blue grass horse country and meet three of the Truelove siblings who have big dreams concerning their careers that don’t include unlikely romances.

Val wants to turn a horse farm into a wedding venue business, but each of her ideas is for conversion and expansion are countered by her architect. Russ Hunter’s opinions stem from losing his family’s farm to his brother. Can he convince Val to preserve her farm’s legacy?

Heath wants to finally put his expensive education to use, but the return of his first love makes him face long held fears. Jane Holt is a widowed single mother who finds solace with old friends. Can Heath trust God’s timing and follow his heart?

Opie wants it all, including a culinary career and a family, but a date with Paris’s most eligible bachelor shows her just how old-fashioned some men can still be about marriage. Wendall Hunter hires Opie to cook for his friends, but she is not his marrying type. Can they both change their ideals to discover God’s hidden treasures?

With forever on the line, will these three Kentuckians find their prayers answered through love?

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About The Author

Terry Fowler makes her home in North Carolina where she works for the city of Wilmington. The second oldest of five children, she shares a home with her best friend, who is also her sister. Besides writing, her interests include genealogical research through the Internet and serving her small church in various activities.

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