A Second Chance for Lasting Love

Fill your heart with the music of romance as love orchestrates its way into the lives of three modern southern belles. Can Maggie Gregory ever forgive-and perhaps love-the man who thought her a doer of duplicitous deeds? Will Kim Elliot retain her resolve to love only a true Christian or allow God to reign over her heart and mind? Will the still-wounded Julie Dennis give her former-beau-turned-preacher another chance? Come to South Carolina where you’ll be lured by the appeal of carillons ringing.

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About The Author

Terry Fowler makes her home in North Carolina where she works for the city of Wilmington. The second oldest of five children, she shares a home with her best friend, who is also her sister. Besides writing, her interests include genealogical research through the Internet and serving her small church in various activities.

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