A charming village on the New England coast, Cape Light is the kind of place where neighbors help each other and people take the time to appreciate the little things. Sometimes their lives are touched by heartbreak and disappointment, but there’s something special about the folks in this tightly knit community-and their unforgettable stories remind us of the extraordinary healing power of love.

Now that the Cape Light election is over, Mayor Emily Warwick can finally focus on her burgeoning relationship with Sara—the daughter she gave up for adoption twenty years ago. Seeing her after all these years has stirred up some conflicting feelings for Emily.

While she is grateful to have Sara back in her life, she can’t help but regret their years apart. Typically she would turn to Reverend Ben for guidance, but turmoil within his own family has inspired a crisis of faith for the minister, making him question whether he is qualified to counsel his congregants. And then there’s the fact that Emily is slowly falling for newspaper publisher Dan Forbes, who’d been all set to leave for an extended sailing trip until an accident dashed his plans—giving him and Emily more time to develop their bond.

But with two grown children of his own, would Dan ever want to start another family? Emily hopes so—because she’s hoping for a second chance at life…