Welcome to Angel Island…its captivating presence can be felt
from the shores of its windswept beaches to the height of spectacular
Angel Wings Cliffs. The island is said to harbor angels that guide the
lost, delivering them from darkness to the golden light of love and

Liza Martin arrives on Angel Island
eager to sell off the rundown inn she inherited and return to her busy
life in Boston. Back home await her unstable career as an advertising
executive—and a broken marriage. Angel Island is just one more burden…

as Liza recalls the golden summers of her childhood, she begins to
second-guess herself.  And she wants to know more about Daniel Merritt,
the charming handyman who’s helping repair the inn, but Liza doesn’t
have time for romance…or much else. Sometimes Liza sees her life flying
by—and, at the same time, going nowhere. It may take a band of angels to
mend her broken wings and redirect her soul…