Zenja Maxwell’s marriage is falling apart, thanks to a dalliance on the part of her husband, Roman. She prepares to leave on a cruise with her best friend, Caprice — ready to give Roman a dose of his own medicine — on the very day he comes home, making promises to change. Zenja isn’t convinced. But Caprice comes up with a strategy to salvage the marriage—a seven–step plan developed by her ministry and called “Friday Night Love.”
Over the course of seven weeks, the plan outlines a series of assignments based on Ephesians 5:33, helping a wife to cultivate respect for her husband. Rekindling their relationship takes a lot of work, especially when the man with whom Zenja nearly cheated on Roman refuses to step out of the picture. Will their commitment to honor God with their marriage pay off in the end?

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About The Author

Tia McCollors, an exciting new voice in Christian fiction, spent ten years building a career as a public relations professional. Since leaving the corporate world, she devotes her time to her passions of being a full-time author and mother. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and son.

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