Someone wants you dead.  But he doesn’t want to kill you…he wants you to do it for him.

He watches your every move.  He studies you like a mouse in a maze.  He knows everything about you–every dream, hunger, weakness and strength.  What you long for and what you fear most.  What you live for, and what you cannot live without.  He plans to take those things away from you one at a time, invisibly manipulating the events of your life until there is nothing left to live for.  Then he wants you to take the final step.

Or is it all in your head?

Is he just a figment of your irrational fear, a face you’ve given to your terrible misfortune?  Everything you love is slipping away.  You want to fight back but who, or what, do you fight against?

Let the head game begin.

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About The Author

Tim Downs is the Christy Award-winning author of the Bug Man novels. When he's not writing, he and his wife are featured speakers for the Family Life conferences. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and three children.

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