After being dumped by Gary Erickson, her first and only love, Chloe has spent the past six years mending her broken heart.

Marriage to wealthy Trevor Renolds would be the best thing — according to Chloe’s father — but it doesn’t appeal to Chloe’s wounded soul. Now, Chloe finds the past catching up with her on a sea turtle tracking expedition to Mexico. She’s to be the assistant to none other than Professor Gary Erickson. Trapped by her sense of duty, Chloe has no choice but to ride out the choppy waters of their tense relationship. What could the Lord possibly have in store for her here?

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About The Author

More than anything, Tish enjoys a good romantic story. The best romance is one where God is in the middle and the reader feels uplifted and entertained. She wishes you many blessings, and that you may draw even closer to the Lord in the greatness of His love for us. Eph. 3:16-21.

Tish Davis lives in the South with her husband of more than twenty years and her three grown sons.

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