In Lake Emily, life’s greatest battles are won by the power of friendship.

Morgan is used to helping others–it’s who she is. A wife. A mother. A
grandmother. A friend. But when Virginia suffers a debilitating stroke,
she can no longer wear that apron. It is a change that sends her into
the depths of hopelessness. Can she find her way to seeing that life is
still well worth living? Or will she give up hope and sink deeper into

Meanwhile, the Morgans and Biddles discover that each
season of life has its adjustments–for Trudy Biddle marriage and a
meddling mother-in-law, for Mae and Peter Morgan the challenges of
keeping the family farm afloat as they welcome a new member into their
family, and for young Jessie Wise hopes for a new mother.

Filled with the enchantment that makes Lake Emily everyone’s hometown, Aprons on a Clothesline is a lovely reminder that hope can be found even in the tragedies of life and that joy waits in the most unexpected places.

“Traci’s books…call my name and soothe my soul.” Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of All Together in One Place and A Name of Her Own

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About The Author

Traci DePree loves creating new worlds where readers can escape the demands of everyday life and discover a deeper place of faith where true hope resides. She makes her home in a rural town in Minnesota, and she and her husband of some 26 years have five kids.

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