On their way to a Christmas party — the event of the year for Topeka society — Jason and Lillie Philips are in a carriage accident. When she regains consciousness two weeks later, Lillie has lost both her husband and the baby they had been expecting. She’s also lost any faith in God or desire to live.

Months pass, and Lillie’s life resolves around solitude and chocolates. Concerned when her depression only increases over time, Lillie’s parents send her to New Mexico for a visit with her childhood friend, Maggie Intissar Lucas. During the train trip out, Lillie is thrown in the path of Daniel Monroe, an arrogant young doctor who takes perverse delight in tormenting her about her eating habits and increasing size. Lillie is relieved when her train trip ends and she is rid of her tormenter. But on arrival at Lucas ranch, she discovers that Dr Daniel Monroe is also a house guest. As Lillie and Maggie renew their friendship, Lillie begins to find healing for her wounded heart. She also comes to understand the pain behind Daniel’s brusque manner. But will she risk loving and trusting a man again?