When Cassie Lowe goes to live with her sister
in the years following the Civil War, she is reacquainted with a man who
once saved her life, Tyler Atherton. But Cassie is no longer the
lighthearted young woman he once knew. She is now a widow with a young
daughter, and she is nursing the disappointments and hurts from a
difficult marriage. Though she longs to open her heart again, she is
bound by fear and mistrust.

Tyler has demons of his own. Still haunted by
the knowledge that his father was murdered by Comanches, he puts all his
focus on reclaiming his inheritance: the ranch stolen from his family
as punishment for his fighting for the Confederacy. With his affection
for Cassie growing, he longs to provide a home and future for her and
her daughter.

Though yearning to pledge their love, both
Cassie and Tyler struggle to conquer their fears. Will Indian attacks,
post-war renegades, and the hardship of life on the Texas plains destroy
their future? Or will they find the strength to surrender their wills
to God… and embrace his perfect plan?