The adventure reaches new heights with The Tide of Unmaking, the highly anticipated third and final installment of Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper’s award winning series, The Berinfell Prophecies.

Seven years have passed since the Lords of Berinfell — Tommy, Kat, Jimmy, Johnny, Autumn and Kiri Lee — watched the horror of Vesper Crag wash away, as well as their fallen kinsman, Jett Green. But with Grimwarden in exile, the realm of Berinfell finds itself ill-equipped to weather the coming storms.

Kiri Lee begins to whisper of ghostly visitations. Taeva, Princess of the Taladrim, desperately seeks out the Elves of Berinfell to rescue her kingdom. And the genocidal Drefid Lord Asp launches his campaign to conquer Allyra. And Earth. But far worse still is a consuming terror on the horizon: an unstoppable force that threatens to devour all creation and all hope.

Nations will crumble, loyalties will be tested, and even the might of Berinfell’s Lords may not be enough to stem The Tide of Unmaking.

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About The Author

Wayne Thomas Batson, a middle school reading teacher in Maryland for eighteen years, tailors his stories to meet the needs of the young people he cares so deeply about.Christopher Hopper, often called a modern-day renaissance man, is also a recording artist, a youth pastor, president of a Christian discipleship school, and a motivational speaker for schools across the US and Europe.

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