How much is a life worth? And who will pay the price? Fifteen-year-old Lileela returns from the planet Karkar, embittered over what she perceives as abandonment by her parents. Why do they want her back now? And why does Karkar demand such a huge payment for delivering her? Neither she nor her family suspects that the Karkar’s true mission is revenge. The tiny New Gannahan settlement has no hope of repelling an invasion – except for One the Karkar can’t see.

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About The Author

Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world! A late bloomer, Anderson didn’t start writing until after her four kids were grown. She is best known as author of the acclaimed Gateway to Gannah science fiction series--except she doesn’t like to call it that because it’s light on the “sci” and heavy on “fi.” She thinks of it more as a space fantasy. The first book in the series, The Story in the Stars, was an American Christian Fiction Writers' Carol Award finalist in 2012.

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