Dassa skates toward the palace in completion of her Third Quest, unaware the Karkar Plague has returned to ravage Gannah. On a medical starship not far away, Dr. Pik is ordered to find a cure for the plague – an unlikely assignment, given his inbred hatred of the whole Gannahan race. Duty trumps prejudice, however, and he succeeds… but that’s just the beginning of the story. Dassa and Pik survive attack by space pirates, food poisoning, savage Gannahan beasts, and a plane crash. The hardest part, though, is enduring one another’s company. The Creator who wrote the story of redemption in the stars has commanded her to share it with her reluctant savior. That’s not all He requires of her, but the rest is unthinkable.

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About The Author

Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world! A late bloomer, Anderson didn’t start writing until after her four kids were grown. She is best known as author of the acclaimed Gateway to Gannah science fiction series--except she doesn’t like to call it that because it’s light on the “sci” and heavy on “fi.” She thinks of it more as a space fantasy. The first book in the series, The Story in the Stars, was an American Christian Fiction Writers' Carol Award finalist in 2012.

Books by Yvonne Anderson