As Christmas snowflakes fall, can miracles really happen?

Nancy Walker and Woodrow Lawing were friends until the night
seventeen-year-old Nancy whacked Woody with a snowball and he chased her
behind a tree. She kissed him and expressed her undying love, but at
his age of twenty-three and being best friends with Nancy’s older
brother, Woody didn’t share Nancy’s teenage crush.

Years passed
and they went their separate ways, both believing they had been rejected
by the other, but when circumstances bring them together again—Woody a
bachelor and Nancy a widow—old feelings emerge. They try to revert to
being just friends, yet pain from the past has lessened over time and
they wonder if it’s really too late for love.

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About The Author

Yvonne Lehman lives in the mountains of western North Carolina, which provide the setting for many of her novels. The author of more 40 books for adults and young adults, including inspirational romance and mystery, Yvonne was founder and director of the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference for 17 years. She is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Dwight L. Moody Award for Excellence in Christian Literature.

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