Debut author Becky Wade adores a “dramatic and emotional” love story. “The kind you can’t put down,” she says. “The kind that brings tears to your eyes.” For her novel My Stubborn Heart (Bethany House), she has combined that kind of contemporary romance with a meaningful faith journey for her characters Matt and Kate. “I think their relationship is a unique blend of friendship, humor, trust and healing—and heart-pounding, deep, and fervent love.”

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About The Author

During her childhood Becky produced homemade plays starring family and friends. The plays almost always featured a heroine, a prince, and a love story with a happy ending. She's been a fan of all things romantic ever since. Becky and her husband lived in the Caribbean and Australia, and it was during this period that Becky's passion for reading turned into a passion for writing. Becky and her family are now settled in Dallas, Texas.