Highly anticipated third book from best­selling author and Messianic rabbi rockets out of the gate.

New York Times best­selling author Jonathan Cahn’s most recent title, the allegorical The Book of Mysteries​ (Frontline), offers readers a unique tour of divine revelation through ancient Scriptures.

In Cahn’s story a traveler’s meeting “the teacher” begins an odyssey through desert mountains, ancient ruins, and the Chamber of Scrolls. Each day unveils a new mystery: including The Mystery of the Eighth Day, The Bridegroom’s Visitation, The Portal, How to Alter Your Past, The Face in the Waters, The Maccabean Blueprint, The Chiasma, The Seven Mysteries of the Age, and more.

With 365 mysteries, the book also serves as an uncommon daily devotional—unscrolling spiritual truth, end­-time mysteries, and secrets of life. “Readers will step into an unusual journey of divine revelation,” says the author. “From the deep truths of God’s Word emerge important spiritual insights and end-time mysteries.”

Right out of the gate, The Book of Mysteries has appeared on bestseller charts.

“I believe the response we’re seeing is because of a growing hunger for meaning, purpose, and spiritual awakening,” Jonathan says. “I was led to write The Book of Mysteries not only to reveal the mysteries of God, but also for the strengthening, reviving, and transforming of people’s lives, which I believe is going to be more and more crucial in the days ahead.”

“The prophetic writings of Jonathan Cahn have reverberated through the halls of our public square to the pulpit,” says Tessie DeVore, publisher of Charisma House Book Group. “We fully believe in his message and its ability to stir national dialogue. Cahn’s revelations have already become a catalyst and rallying cry for America to return to God, and much more is to come.”

Cahn’s 2012 book The Harbinger (Frontline) debuted on the New York Times best­seller list in its first week and charted for more than two years. The Mystery of the Shemitah (shmee­TA) also spent multiple weeks on the New York Times best­seller list. Ancillary products that expand on the books include The Harbinger Decoded DVD and The Shemitah Unlocked DVD. Both documentaries invite viewers on an audio/visual experience to learn about The Harbinger teachings.

Jonathan, along with the likes of Billy Graham and Keith Green, was named by Charisma magazine as one of the top forty people of the last forty years “who radically changed our world.” Jonathan has spoken on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and to millions of people around the world. He leads Hope of the World Ministries, an outreach of the Word to the nations and compassion to the world’s most needy. He is the leader of the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, a worship center made up of Jew and Gentile, people of all nations.

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About The Author

Jonathan Cahn leads Hope of the World, an outreach dedicated to spreading the word of God through television, radio, shortwave, and more, and through projects of compassion to the world’s poorest. Jonathan also leads the Jerusalem Center (& Beth Israel) a worship center made up of Jew and Gentile–people of all nations–in Wayne, New Jersey, outside New York City.