A huge fan of what she calls “kick-butt” heroines like those in “Alias,” Resident Evil, and Tomb Raider, Camy Tang set out to create a similar leading lady in Tessa Lancaster, star of Protection for Hire (Zondervan). “Tessa’s taken martial arts and has been trained in street fighting thanks to her Japanese mafia cousins,” Camy says. “But when she becomes a Christian while in prison, she has to find a way to reconcile her violent old life with her new one in Christ. The clash is sometimes humorous, sometimes emotional. I hope readers will enjoy this new series with a new heroine, a new wacky family, and new adventures!”

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About The Author

Camy Tang grew up in Wahiawa, Hawaii, a small town right in the center of the island of Oahu. Camy and her husband are staff workers with their youth group at an Asian Christian church in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have one dog, Snickers, whom they adopted from the Santa Clara animal shelter. She won the American Christian Fiction Writers award in the Debut Author category in 2008.