Despite 20 years as a registered
nurse, Cheryl Wyatt was
a little unsure at first when her
publisher asked her to write a
medical series.

After all, she’d been writing
military and action themed
romances for years. “I wasn’t
sure how it would go over with
my readers, so I decided to put
a military spin on the medical
miniseries. I wasn’t sure how
I’d enjoy writing about a career
that I’d lived for so long, but to
my great delight and surprise I
am having an absolute blast!”

The latest volume in her
Eagle Point Emergency Series
is Doctor to the Rescue (Love
Inspired). Former combat
doctor Ian Shupe finds a caregiver
for his little girl while he
works at Eagle Point Trauma
Centre, who may be an answer
to prayer in more ways than one.
Yet it isn’t Bri Landis’ appearance
that first catches his eye…

“I think this is the
first book I’ve written
where the hero
was attracted to the
heroine’s personality
before her looks,”
Cheryl says. “He’s
attracted, don’t get me
wrong; but she had a
stubborn optimism
and a joy that his mind
couldn’t detach from.”

Cheryl’s favorite
things about writing
are: “Creating a happy ending. Writing scenes
that make me laugh. Putting my characters into
situations that make them uncomfortable. Things
that would embarrass most of us.”

She also loves honoring veterans. “I like to
show the humanitarian, rescuing, peacekeeping
side of the military. So many people have the
perception of the brutality of war, but there’s an
entire other aspect that isn’t often displayed in
the mainstream media.”

Reader involvement is also high in Cheryl’s
priorities. “The No. 1 thing I love best is getting
and using reader feedback in story ideas and
settings. I have a Facebook page and always ask
for reader-generated ideas—settings, recipes,
business decor, character names, dog breeds,
etc.” For Cheryl, crediting those readers in her
acknowledgments is a delight.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2013 issue of FamilyFiction digital magazine. Subscribe for free today!

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About The Author

Cheryl Wyatt is a registered nurse and author of inspirational action romance novels. Her honors include the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Final, First Place in ACFW's Genesis Contest-Mystery, Suspense, Thriller Category and First Place ACFW's Noble Theme Contest-Contemporary Romance Category.