Cliff Graham’s debut novel, Day of War (Zondervan), introduces readers to King David’s bodyguard, Benaniah, a mysterious and little-known warrior who eventually became the commander of Solomon’s armies. Cliff hopes the story will show readers that the Bible is alive with passion and intensity. “The novel is an attempt to show the reader the blood, sweat and tears in the Biblical account of David’s battles through the eyes of his ‘band of brothers.’” The five-book Lion of War series will be complemented by a motion comic, documentary and feature film.

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About The Author

Cliff Graham is an officer in the United States Army National Guard and a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. His first novel, Day of War, about King David's mighty men, earned him a film option for the entire book series. Graham, currently serving in the Chaplain Corps, lives in the mountains of Utah with his wife, Cassandra, and their children.