(Rock Rapids, IA) — One of animation’s most beloved series continues with the release of Davey and Goliath: Volume 5, a commemorative 50th anniversary edition now available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Davey and Goliath debuted in 1960 after producers Art Clokey and Ruth Clokey Goodell teamed up with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Using the same stop-motion clay animation used in the Clokeys hit cartoon Gumby, the wholesome adventures of Davey and his talking dog, Goliath, soon captivated millions of children worldwide and earned the approval of parents with the Christian values in each episode.

Volume 5
includes six 15-minute episodes that illustrate several classic Davey and Goliath themes. In the previously lost episode “Down by the Farm,” Davey learns a lesson about priorities when he decides between playing with his new friend Tom and tending to the vegetables in his garden. Then, in “Man of the House,” Davey learns about responsibility when his parents leave him alone for the day to babysit his younger sister Sally. This volume also teaches about forgiveness (“Bully up a Tree”), false idols (“Happy Landing”), honesty (“Editor-In-Chief”), and sacrifice (“The Waterfall”).

Since the final episode aired in 1975, Davey and Goliath has remained a symbol of nostalgia for the generation who grew up with the series.

“Davey and Goliath are enduring pop culture icons,” said a spokesman for the Dove Foundation, which has awarded the series its Family-Approved Seal for all ages. “[The DVDs are] wonderful, wholesome entertainment with inspirational, faith-based messages for the entire family.”

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