Gardening takes a lot of patience—something that Jeremiah Williams, the protagonist in Denise Hildreth Jones’ The First Gardener (Tyndale) understands all too well, as he’s been taking care of the gardens of the Tennessee governor’s mansions for more than 25 years. When tragedy rocks the first family’s home, Jeremiah becomes more than just a gardener—he’s a friend who understands the importance of tending hearts as well.

“My own struggles through the years have brought me to a mindset of gratitude—I’m blessed not because good things happen, but because anything good happens at all,” Denise shares. “That was the message I longed to leave readers with; there is always something in woven threads of our own personal stories that we can find to be grateful for.”

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About The Author

Denise Hildreth is a novelist and international speaker. She has spoken for the last ten years to women's ministries, churches, and for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Her novels have been featured in Southern Living; hailed as "smart and witty" by Library Journal; and chosen for the Pulpwood Queen's and Women of Faith book clubs.