(Rock Rapids, IA) – Spark imagination and faith with Junior’s Giants, a humorous and uplifting series now available in a three DVD set from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Combining imaginative storytelling and unique characters to introduce biblical themes to young audiences, this three DVD set follows the spiky-haired Junior Anderson as he learns moral lessons and conquers his giants with the help of family, friends, prayer, and Scripture.

First, Junior wages battle against his temper and an angry giant named Tude in Anger’s Everywhere. As Junior struggles to keep his cool while surrounded by trouble on the playground and frustrating video games, he discovers that he can defeat the Scottish giant with a two-story afro and his temper if he follows the Spirit.

Next, while Junior battles a gadget-wielding, materialistic robot and his greed for the ultimate new toy, his family faces problems of their own in Envy Thou Not. Celia campaigns for school president to control the class’ money, Mom seeks to be a super scrapbooker despite her lack of talent, and Dad loses his cool while trying to install his dream wireless Internet connection.

Finally, in Nothing but the Truth, Junior comes face-to-face with a giant crocodile lawyer named Lyle Little, Esquire, who teaches him that the best way out of a lie is to lie a little more. Lyle’s terrible advice sends Junior on a cross-country road trip with his mom to reveal the truth in this third episode.

Each DVD is also sold separately.

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