Selfie Dad, a faith comedy film for the whole family, is set to premiere nationwide June 12 with the story of a dissatisfied dad facing a midlife crisis risking everything to become a YouTube comedy sensation. Along the way, he discovers those self-pursuits can’t match the joy of knowing God through the Bible.

Selfie Dad stars nationally known Christian comedian Michael Jr., who for two decades has performed over a hundred dates a year for tens of thousands of people. The film features top-selling female Christian comedian Chonda Pierce along with James Denton, Jamie Grace and Karen Abercrombie (War Room).

Selfie Dad is a powerful call to dads—and to families—about what the Bible can do to bring true joy to your life,” Michael Jr. said. “It just happens to come wrapped in a very funny movie about a dad getting it all wrong before he gets it right.”

Meet Ben Marcus, a husband, and father who finds himself caught in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Ben has a lot to be thankful for, but despite everything he has achieved, he simply isn’t happy. He decides that the best way to fill the hole in his life is to fulfill his long set aside dream of becoming a comedian. And what better way to jump-start his comedic career than with a YouTube channel?


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