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NASHVILLE, TN, September 2017–FamilyFiction, the premier news source for Christian fiction of all genres, announces new ownership and a new editorial team, and plans to offer a new suite of services for publishers and authors. The brand also has struck a strategic partnership with Salem Publishing, its previous owner, for advertising sales.

“Even with all the changes in publishing, there is more great content for Christian readers and viewers than ever,” says new FamilyFiction owner and publisher Ross Cluver. “There’s a Christian audience hungry for clean stories that bolster their Christian beliefs. The mission of FamilyFiction is to build a bridge between that audience and all the authors, creators, and publishers who want to serve them.”

Joining Cluver to create the new FamilyFiction is Managing Editor Deb Patterson and Editor-at-Large Chris Well. The three bring decades of publishing experience to FamilyFiction, having served for several years working in Christian media for numerous national brands.

“In the Bible, we see that Jesus told stories,” says Chris Well, who created FamilyFiction for Salem Publishing in 2010. “Clearly, our Lord thought that narrative was a powerful way to reveal truths. When Christians write or create stories, they’re following His example—our mission is to help them share these stories with more people.

“When FamilyFiction was created seven years ago, it was just a small part of this enormous media company,” Well continues. “It was easy to get lost in the shuffle. Now with a new publisher who can focus on it, we have an amazing opportunity to build FamilyFiction into its full potential.”

The mission of FamilyFiction is to help Christian readers and viewers find the authors, creators, books, and products that will bolster their faith and also suit their personal genre tastes. As such, FamilyFiction will continue to cover new Christian and/or family-friendly products in the following categories:

  • Suspense (including mysteries, thrillers, and romantic suspense)
  • Amish fiction
  • Contemporary/General Christian Fiction
  • Romance
  • Historical (including biblical fiction, historical drama, and historical romance)
  • Speculative Fiction (including supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy)
  • YA/Young Adult Fiction
  • Children’s Books
  • Christian movies, TV, and home video
  • Christian comics and animation

In addition to its commitment to connecting the audience with the creators and publishers, FamilyFiction is also developing a suite of services to help authors and publishers more directly. These services and products will be announced as they are rolled out to the market.

FamilyFiction will continue to operate on it current schedule. As noted by publisher Ross Cluver, “To the current reader, the digital magazine is still being published on the same schedule. But looking to the future, we can now reach out to all those Christians who watch TV and read novels and love stories, but have no idea these great authors and creators exist. This is an exciting opportunity to help Christian authors, creators, and publishers reach more people.”

The first issue of FamilyFiction digital magazine with the new publisher and editorial team is the September 2017 issue. The cover feature interview is with award-winning historical author Lauraine Snelling. Also included in the issue are suspense author Janice Cantore, a roundup of Christian children’s books for fans of superheroes, and more.

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FamilyFiction is the premier source for news and interviews from the world of Christian storytelling. The website, digital magazine, and weekly newsletter share news and updates for Christian fiction and films. The brand covers such authors as Karen Kingsbury, Ted Dekker, Beverly Lewis, Joel C. Rosenberg, and Francine Rivers, and such brands as VeggieTales, Berenstain Bears, and Adventures in Odyssey. FamilyFiction also covers up-and-coming authors, faith films, and new products.

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