(Rock Rapids, IA) - Genesis 7 narrowly escapes The Storms of Jupiter in Genesis 7: Episode Seven, the latest DVD in the Bridgestone Multimedia Group educational series.
Lt. Donton Andrews puts his piloting skills to the test as he navigates Little G into the largest storm in the solar system and the greatest danger the crew has ever faced on a mission. Restless to tackle The Storms of Jupiter, Enoch, Priscilla, and the crew at Genesis Command headquarters breathlessly watch while Donton launches his hand-built hurricane dropsonde into the eye of Jupiter's great red spot. Determined to discover unprecedented information about a planet that some evolutionists say contains alien life, Donton descends into the storm to collect audio, video, and air samples. What the Genesis 7 crew doesn't know is that a corporal back at Command has been meddling with flight paths that could threaten the entire mission.

Funded by Christian scientists who want to prove that the universe was created by God, the Genesis 7 space program is in the midst of a year-long, fact-finding mission. On board is a family of elite young astronauts. From Genesis Command headquarters, Lt. Abigail Jennings oversees the faithful crew's perilous exploration of the solar system, which has previously included trips to the moon (Episode One), the sun (Episode Two), Venus (Episode Four), and Mars (Episode Five and Episode Six).

Directed by Steve Skinner, who also composed the striking opening theme,Genesis 7stars real-life brothers Bret Wolfe and Dalton Wolfe and sisters Emily Martin and Hannah Martin and is produced byIachod Visuals Christian Media. Bridgestone Multimedia Group also carries Iachod's Of Man and Beast and The Creation Series, a trio of Christian documentaries about the universe.

Awarded the Dove Foundation's Family-Approved Seal for viewers of all ages, Genesis 7: Episode Seven is available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group for $12.71. Each DVD in the Genesis 7 series includes bonus educational materials and the inspiring message that all things are possible with God.

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