(Rock Rapids, IA) - One small mistake leads to a spiraling series of setbacks in Saturn: Ringed World, the eighth Genesis 7 DVD in the educational, faith-based space series from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.
In Genesis 7: Episode Eight, the level-headed Captain Enoch Andrews, the daring Lt. Donton Andrews, and resourceful imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews continue their year-long mission to uncover truths about God's universe. With several successes and near-escapes behind them, the explorers face danger once again when Captain Enoch Andrews perilously pilots the craft's wing too close to the surface of Titan, Saturn's largest moon.

The impact sends the petrified crew careening out of control. In a fiery escape, Donton saves their lives but sacrifices his own well-being as he disappears into the vast orbit of the gas giant planet in his lander, Little G. Panic-stricken, Enoch and Priscilla search the black abyss for Donton, terrified they may have seen their beloved brother and nephew for the last time.

Funded by Christian scientists who want to prove that the universe was created by God, the Genesis 7 space program is led by a family of elite young astronauts, who have previously visited the moon (Episode One), the sun (Episode Two), Earth (Episode Three), Venus (Episode Four), Mars (Episode Five and Episode Six), and Jupiter (Episode Seven).

Directed by Steve Skinner, who also composed the striking opening theme, Genesis 7 stars real-life brothers Bret Wolfe and Dalton Wolfe and sisters Emily Martin and Hannah Martin and is produced by Iachod Visuals Christian Media. Bridgestone Multimedia Group also carries Iachod's Of Man and Beast and The Creation Series, a trio of Christian documentaries about the universe.

Awarded the Dove Foundation's Family-Approved Seal for viewers of all ages, Genesis 7: Episode Eight is available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group for $14.95. Each DVD in the Genesis 7 series includes bonus educational materials and the inspiring message that all things are possible with God.

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