Kids and parents are constantly bombarded with “junk” entertainment which lacks wholesome values and moral teachings. But Adventures in Booga Booga Land (Thomas Nelson, 978-1-4003-1659-5, $12.99, September 2010)
delivers the powerful teachings of the parables of Jesus Christ through
a cast of new and hilarious characters your children will adore!

Packed with three exciting episodes that teach children invaluable lessons by mirroring a specific parable of Jesus, Adventures in Booga Booga Land, is an amazing value parents can appreciate and have come to expect with Tommy Nelson products.

“I loved how engaging the characters were
and how well done the animation was on these stories,” says Dan Lynch,
Publisher of Tommy Nelson Family Entertainment products. “They are just
the right length for kids to pick up on the underlying truths tied to
the Parables Jesus told.”

In the first of the DVD from Adventures in Booga Booga Land,
get acquainted with the main characters Marty the monkey and Gerard the
giraffe as they meet for the first time in the city of Booga Booga.
Follow the whacky adventures of new-found friends Marty and Gerard as
they build their own home, confuse ships at sea and wash windows for 20
“bambolies” a day.

Children will learn Jesus’ parables of:

  • The Workers in the Vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16)
  • The Wise and the Foolish Builders (Luke 6:47-49)
  • The Lamp Under the Bowl (Matthew 5:14-16)

There has never been a more captivating and influential story-teller
than Jesus Christ. Open your child’s eyes to the powerful lessons of
Jesus’ teachings in a fun new way in…….. Adventures in Booga Booga Land!
Participating retailers will even be offering a chapter book of the
parables along with the DVD and a plush Marty the Monkey, all for under

Creator Richard Milner never had a chance to finish
his earthly adventure. While on a hike in 2003, he went missing and has
never been found. What happened may never be known, but his family is
certain he is with God. Richard completed the Adventures in Booga Booga Land a few months before going “home”.

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