Exploring how the unseen world of angels and demons plays into the life of two very different believers—a young seminary grad at his new post as interim pastor of a small-town church, and a 71-year-old widow and new Christian—Jackie Macgirvin’s Angels of Humility (Destiny House) is a fast-paced read with plenty of food for thought. “By examining Paul and Sarah, we understand what will cause us to suffer loss or bring us incredible eternal rewards when our life on earth is over,” Jackie says. “In order to be great in the world you need beauty, money, a name, a talent, etc. God’s kingdom is the only kingdom where everyone has the opportunity to be great.”
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About The Author

Jackie Macgirvin is an award-winning author and ghostwriter. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and attends the International House of Prayer. She has a passion to see Christians live with their eyes on eternity and not be distracted by the visible, temporal realm.