Janelle Mowery’s When All My Dreams Come True (Harvest House) is inspired by her fascination with the Wild West. “I can’t help but admire the men and women who had a vision, braved the unknown, and attempted to tame the wild,” Janelle shares. “It’s the rancher and the rough and tumble cowboy that holds the biggest attraction. With brawn, grit, and sheer willpower, they came to represent the very image of strength and freedom.”

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About The Author

Janelle Mowery is the author of several novels, including Where the Truth Lies. When not writing, reading, and researching, she is active in her church. Born and raised in Minnesota, Janelle now resides in Texas with her husband and two sons, where she and her family have the opportunity to raise orphaned raccoons, look at beautiful deer, and make friends with curious armadillos.