When Jerel Law started writing
the Son of Angels Series, he did it
with his first test audience in his
own home.

“My kids read a lot, and I challenged
myself to write something they
could not put down,” he recalls.
“I wondered if it were possible to
craft a story for that age group
based on the great stories and
principles in the Bible that would
be filled with all the excitement
of, say, a Percy Jackson novel or a
Harry Potter book.”

He didn’t want to write an
action-adventure, though. “What I
wanted to do was to pull back the
curtain on the spiritual realm in a
way that a 12-year-old kid could
relate to,” he says. “If the Bible
is true and all of this stuff is real,
Christians have good reason to
write some of the most compelling
and interesting fiction out there.”

The second book in
the series, Fire Prophet
(Thomas Nelson),
continues the story of
Jonah and Eliza Stone,
two kids who have found
out they have special
powers because they are
part angel. “(Readers)
see themselves in Jonah
and Eliza Stone, who
deal with the same
things normal kids deal
with,” Law says. In Fire
they “discover
that they are not alone.
There is a group of other kids, just like them brought
together from all over the world to be trained by a
group of instructors on how to use their gifts best.”

Law has been excited about the reaction kids have
had after they get into his books. He is more excited
about seeing kids get into another book. “Kids like
the action sequences, for sure; but I’ve heard from so
many who have been driven to pick up their Bibles as
a result of a particular story or reference. As a writer
who is also a pastor, that is the most exciting thing
for me.”

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About The Author

Jerel is captivated by stories about redemption. He is a gifted communicator and pastor with seventeen years of full-time ministry experience. He holds his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!) and a master of divinity degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Jerel began writing fiction as a way to encourage his children's faith to come alive. He lives in North Carolina with his family.