Jill Williamson discovered

her love for writing almost

by accident.

After leaving the fashion industry and

becoming a stay-at-home mom, Jill began

researching motivational speaking, which

she felt would perfectly complement her

husband’s career as a youth pastor. She

heard that writing articles could help her

get started, and soon was pulled into the

world of writing. “I was completely naive to

think it was easy,” she admits. “If I had

known how difficult it was, I probably would

have run screaming!”

Short stories in teen magazines and the

debate over Harry Potter turned her

attention toward fiction, specifically teen

novels. Initially, she wasn’t sure of this new

Award-winning novelist

path. “I wanted to be a teen mentor, and

speak to teens and encourage them, and

[writing] felt like a hobby. Was I turning

my back on what God wanted me to do

because this was more fun?” Her pastor

encouraged her, stating that fiction could

reach teens as well.

After several years spent learning the

craft and finishing her first novel, a spy

teen story, she connected with Jeff Gerke

over a mutual love of

“weird fiction.” A year

later, she showed

him the first chapter of

what became By Darkness

Hid, which is published

by Jeff ’s company

Marcher Lord Press.

The final book in the

trilogy is From

Darkness Won.

—Katie Hart

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About The Author

Jill was raised in rural Alaska. Alone with her thoughts and the moose, daydreaming was a favorite pastime. As was reading. She started out with Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Little House on the Prairie, the Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia. She loves just about every genre out there, but her all time favorites are fantasy and suspense.