Joan Wolf brings the story of Rahab to life in This Scarlet Cord (Thomas Nelson)—but with a twist. “My novel is different because in this book, Rahab is not a prostitute. She is a young girl who is caught up in the rituals of the pagan religion practiced in Jericho, but her prayers to the One True God save her. The man who has taught her about the God of Israel is Sala, an Israelite spy in Jericho, who falls in love with Rahab. All in all, this is a very different take on the usual presentation of this very interesting woman.”

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About The Author

Joan Wolf was born in New York City but has lived most of her adult life with her husband in Connecticut, where she raised two children and countless numbers of assorted animals. Joan is the author of numerous historical novels including The Road to Avalon, which Publishers Weekly lauded as "historical fiction at its finest."