Christy Award-winning author
Julie Klassen’s long abiding love
of Jane Austen novels inspires
her to pen stories of love and
manners, set in England in the
early 1800s. “I’m drawn to the
chivalry of the Regency era—
men in tail coats and tall boots,
ladies in beautiful gowns, and
the courtly restraint of a ball
where the mere brush of fingertips
sparked romance.”

However, as Julie explains,
there’s more to it: “On a deeper
level, it was a time when being a
virtuous lady or true gentleman
mattered, when things [such
as] evening prayers, attending
church and having the vicar to
dine were commonplace; therefore,
including faith elements in
my novels is, hopefully, natural.”

In The Tutor’s Daughter (Bethany
House), Emma Smallwood
accompanies her father to the
Cornwall coast to tutor the young sons of a baronet
only to discover secrets abound and his older sons
may not be what they seem.

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About The Author

Julie Klassen is a fiction editor with a background in advertising. She has worked in Christian publishing for more than twelve years, in both marketing and editorial capacities. Julie is a graduate of the University of Illinois. She enjoys travel, research, books, BBC period dramas, long hikes, short naps, and coffee with friends. Julie and her husband have two sons and live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota