Kathi Macias’ Freedom series has received a great deal of attention from ministries and organizations—including the Department of Homeland Security—devoted to rescuing victims of human trafficking and stopping this crime altogether. The second book is Special Delivery (New Hope). “Once again our young protagonists, Mara (now 20) and Lawan (10), struggle to survive and/or escape their modern-day slavery situations or recover from their long-term ordeals,” Kathi says. “Another teen girl named Francesca has been kidnapped from Juarez, Mexico, and sold into slavery as well. Now Mara must decide if she is willing to risk her own tenuous freedom to try to rescue Francesca.”

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About The Author

Kathi Macias (www.kathimacias.com) is a multi-award winning author of more than 40 books. A wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, she lives in Southern California with her husband, Al.