An elusive villain, desperate Pinkerton agents,
and determined young women inhabit Kathleen
Y’Barbo’s romantic and humorous series, The
Secret Lives of Will Tucker (Harvest House).
Kathleen shares, “Flora’s Wish introduces the
readers to Pinkerton’s Lucas McMinn and his pal
Kyle Russell, both inventors of crime-fighting
gadgets and other inventions when they’re not
wearing their badges. Millie’s Treasure introduces
the intrepid Memphis belle Millie Cope
who joins with Pinkerton Russell not only to
capture Tucker, but also to locate her greatgrandfather
Jean Lafitte’s treasure. Sadie’s
follows New Orleans native Pinkerton
Agent Sadie Callum, who has taken over the
investigation and now must solve the riddle
of which Tucker is a convicted jewel thief and
which one merely stole her heart.”

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About The Author

An accomplished storyteller with more than 850,000 copies of her novels, novellas and young adult books in print, best-selling author Kathleen Y’Barbo is an East Texas native who experienced the transforming power of words at a young age, thanks to stumbling upon her grandmother’s set of encyclopedias.