Kay Marshall Strom
returns with her second
Grace in Africa novel, The Voyage of

the still
issue of slavery. “As a self-
proclaimed 21st century
abolitionist walking
through an old slave
fortress in West Africa, I
was struck dumb at the
sight of baby-sized
manacles bolted to the
wall. Godly Europeans
were responsible for those
manacles. The question:
‘How do good people
become oppressors, blind
and deaf to the suffering
they cause?’” The trilogy
concludes with The
Triumph of Grace

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About The Author

Of Kay Marshall Strom’s 34 published books, four have been book club selections, nine translated into foreign languages, and one optioned for a movie. Her writing credits also include the three part Grace in Africa Series. Her book Once Blind: The Life of John Newton was packaged with the DVD Amazing Grace. She also has written several books with her husband, Dan Kline. She lives in Eugene, Oregon.