Few authors have created a legacy of literature as comprehensive and beloved as Lauraine
Snelling. Her various series featuring the immigrant community of Blessing, North Dakota, are
consistent, critically acclaimed fan favorites. Snelling’s most recent series, Wild West Wind,
branches slightly south on the map and forward in history, offering a fresh landscape for the
adventures of sharp-shooter and trick rider Cassie Lockwood.

Whispers in the Wind (Bethany House) continues Cassie’s story as she tries to ?nd a place for herself in her
father’s “valley of dreams.” Set in the Black Hills of South Dakota just after the turn of the
century, Snelling’s latest novel once again explores the human struggle and its beautiful
triumphs in her signature heartwarming style.

After ?eeing North Dakota and the now defunct Wild West Show, Cassie Lockwood and her
companions have ?nally found the hidden valley that her father dreamed. But to her dismay, she
discovers a ranch already built on her land.

Cassie’s arrival surprises Mavis Engstrom and forces her to reveal secrets she’s kept hidden for years.
Her son Ransom is suspicious of Cassie and questions the validity of her claim to the valley. But
Lucas Engstrom decides from the start that he is in love with her and wants to marry her.
Will Cassie be able to build a home on the Bar E Ranch and ful?ll her father’s dream, or will she be
forced to return to the wandering life of her past?

“Valley of Dreams is a marvelous story of journey, faith,
and a God who will never give you more than you can handle.”

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“The proli?c Snelling incorporates period details and well-rounded,
memorable characters into a lively tale that will please her many fans
and attract new ones.”
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About The Author

Lauraine Snelling is the award-winning author of over 60 books, fiction and nonfiction, for adults and young adults. Her books have sold over two million copies. Besides writing books and articles, she teaches at writers' conferences across the country. She and her husband live in Tehachapi, California.