Linda Windsor’s Brides of Alba
series concludes with Rebel (David
C. Cook). With the death of Merlin,
King Arthur’s court is in turmoil.
The queen’s young scribe, devastated
by news of her fiancé’s death,
defies orders and heads out in
search of her missing father. When
Linda’s own daughter turned to
Wicca, Linda was able to reach her
by discussing Celtic history. “It was
through research of the Dark Ages
that I learned, by God’s grace, to
witness to her effectively when she
would not hear anything from the
Word. I continue to include this
type of faith-affirming information
in Rebel.”

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About The Author

Linda Windsor is the best-selling, award-winning author of 29 novels in both the CBA and ABA markets, with an estimated million books in print. A former professional musician, Linda speaks often (and sometimes sings) for writing and/or faith seminars. Her recent work includes the early Celtic Fires of Gleannmara trilogy.